City Mission's Capital Campaign
New Projects

Increased Permanent Supportive Housing
Total projected cost: $835,000

City Mission plans to increase the number of units of its permanent supportive housing from eight presently—to fourteen. Just like the first eight, these six additional units will target formerly homeless families/individuals who need the benefit of support services to maintain their independent living. City Mission proposes constructing six additional units of permanent supportive rental housing on an infill site in an older residential neighborhood of Uniontown. The agency has already secured the land for this project. Our plan is to build four one-bedroom units, one two-bedroom unit, and one three-bedroom unit.

The site is properly zoned and offers ready access to major service and job centers and has convenient access to public transportation. The project will take its design cues from the traditional architectural forms and vernacular building types of the immediately surrounding area. The development will continue the nascent revitalization of an inner-city neighborhood and replace vacant and blighted property with new structures of quality design and construction. Its close proximity to downtown will enhance the substantial investments that have occurred in the City’s core in recent years.

Project cost includes $500,000 in requested HOME program funds and $335,000 in other monies to be raised.
Independent Living Program for Youth
Total projected cost: $500,000

City Mission proposes to extend its current youth program (HOME AGAIN) to include services to youth beyond the age of 17. HOME AGAIN opened in 2002 and is a licensed facility serving youth ages 12-17. These children are referred through Children and Youth Services, the Juvenile Probation System, and the County Office of Mental Health. The program also serves runaway and homeless youth. City Mission proposes an independent living program for children aging out of Home Again as a natural step for those who have no place to go. These youths - while 18 and legally adults - in many ways still need the accountability and structure of a supervised living environment.

We envision a large single-family house where each youth has his/her own room with shared common areas. Youth will be either enrolled in high school or attending college/business school. Each will need to have an income and will pay a portion of their income toward rent. Youth will be responsible for day-to-day upkeep of the building. Curfews and check-in times would be set.

The program will be overseen by a house parent who would live on-site. This person will oversee operation of the house, would be a resource person, as well as teaching life-skills.
Immediate Agency Capital Needs

Gallatin School Living Centre upgrades

Total project cost $230,000

The Gallatin School Living Centre opened in 1998 and has operated without any major renovations to this point in time. While we have a small repair reserve fund for this program, we would like to begin the systematic replacement of kitchen appliances, furnishings, and flooring within each of the 30 units. Over the past 10 years we have served hundreds of homeless families with children, and the wear and tear on these units has been considerable.

Additionally we would like to renovate the Gallatin School Living Centre community room and kitchen. This space is utilized heavily and is critical to our ongoing program operations. We utilize the community room for agency board meetings, the annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas program, the weekly on-site mental health services to the homeless, as well as for recreational opportunities for residents.
Replace 2 vans and purchase a box truck
Total projected cost $60,000

City Mission realized a long time ago that in order to provide cohesive and effective services to the homeless within a rural setting, adequate agency transportation is critical. Currently, City Mission operates a fleet of two aging vans—one dedicated primarily to our youth shelter for transporting youth, and the other that is shared among our emergency shelter and transitional housing programs. Both vehicles need to be replaced.

We would also like to purchase a box truck for the agency. The addition of this vehicle will allow us to move people more readily from shelter to permanent housing as well as transport lawn and yard maintenance equipment to and from the various City Mission sites.
Replace roof on Men’s Shelter
Total projected cost $15,000

The Men’s Shelter, City Mission’s first operating site, has a roof that is 20 years old and needs to be replaced. While extensive work has been completed to renovate the building’s interior, we have had limited funds to complete any outside renovations.
Repave parking lots
Total projected cost $16,500

City Mission programs, all located within the City of Uniontown, offer on-site parking and four facility lots that need to be repaved.
Future Needs

Program Reserve Fund

Given City Mission’s growth over the past 15 years, we would like to establish a program reserve fund as the initial step toward an endowment. We hope to grow this fund beyond the parameters of this campaign so as to be able to provide for the operation of our agency into the future.

The instability of the current U.S. economy, and the increasing shortage of federal and state funds, makes it more important than ever for non-profits to work towards becoming self-sufficient. City Mission recognizes this fact. The agency holds several major fundraisers each year to raise money for the program reserve fund. We also commit a percentage of our annual budget to this fund; however, to truly ensure the longevity of the agency, and to make sure that homeless families and individuals will not go un-served in the future, our own efforts are not enough. It is our goal as part of this broader capital campaign to secure significant grant dollars for the program reserve fund—eventually placing a large amount in an endowment. We plan to continue to raise money every year to support the program reserve once this capital campaign ends.