Help and Hope for the Homeless in Fayette County, PA

These are the faces of homelessness in our community. Although many of us may have preconceived images of homeless people, the truth is that men, women, children and whole families often become homeless for a wide range of reasons. City Mission-Living Stones, Inc., is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide for the needs of our county's homeless people. City Mission serves over 500 homeless men, women and children annually, providing them with an entire continuum of housing services ranging from emergency shelter to permanent supportive housing. The agency also offers an array of support services to clients that assist them in working through the many issues that have caused them to become homeless Our comprehensive programs and professional, compassionate staff help our clients rebuild their broken lives by supporting them step-by-step through the arduous process of moving from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

In addition to providing for their physical needs, City Mission seeks to address the emotional and spiritual concerns of our clients. Inasmuch as is possible in a shelter type environment, City Mission is committed to providing a warm homelike atmosphere for those that pass through its doors, treating each one with compassion, dignity and respect.



“In my role as a Fayette County Commissioner, I am charged with the well-being of all Fayette County citizens. This task would be difficult to achieve without organizations like City Mission, who for the past 25+ years have worked behind the scenes to address the many and diverse needs of the poor and homeless. City Mission does an outstanding job in serving the homeless. In addition, their development of new housing has significantly revitalized blighted neighborhoods within our community.”

Vincent Zapatosky, Chair,
Fayette County Board of Commissioners

“As a mom of five children, a home-owner, and an employee of City Mission, I count myself blessed to be where I am today. Not too many years ago, I found myself homeless, pregnant, and with several of my children in CYS custody. I initially received help at City Mission’s Women’s Shelter. A short time later, I moved into the Gallatin School Living Centre where I lived for a couple years while working hard with the help of supportive staff to get my life back on track, and regain custody of my children.”

Tiffany, Shelter Support Staff,
City Mission - Living Stones Inc.

“Having one parent in jail and another who passed away, I feel lucky to have had a place to stay like the HOME AGAIN youth shelter. I was able to stay in school, and had good support from the staff. They taught me a lot of life skills, and now that I am getting ready for college, I am excited about my future.”

Sally, age 18